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Vintage Matchbox - Figurative

Vintage Matchbox - Figurative

  • Balancing Performer ZZ2264 Balancing Performer
  • Lady in Red ZZ2265 Lady in Red
  • Lady with fan ZZ2266 Lady with fan
  • Performer JM675 Performer
  • Performers with Pencils JM676 Performers with Pencils
  • Performers in Rainbow Colours JM677 Performers in Rainbow Colours
  • Dancer with Scarf JM678 Dancer with Scarf
  • Circus Performer JM679 Circus Performer
  • Dancing Performer JM680 Dancing Performer
  • Vintage Handbag JM681 Vintage Handbag
  • Ladies who celebrate ZZ1849 Ladies who celebrate
  • Ahoy ZZ1253 Ahoy

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