Denise Fiedler lives and works in San Francisco, she founded Paste in 2009 when she was spring cleaning and found boxes of vintage books and vintage flashcards collected on many a flea market prowl. Something had to be done with the gorgeous faded pages of the books. The maths flashcard numbers were first - they became faces - zero's were eyes, sevens were noses and so on. When she showed the faces to a graphic artist friend, she said "add print!"

  • Paste AP069 Paste
  • Cat in Hat DF1634 Cat in Hat
  • Pug in Hat DF1635 Pug in Hat
  • Fabulous Felines DF1255 Fabulous Felines
  • Cluck Cluck DF1257 Cluck Cluck
  • Le Chat DF695 Le Chat
  • Mini Schnowz DF696 Mini Schnowz
  • 4 Dogs DF697 4 Dogs
  • Garden Weimar DF1816 Garden Weimar
  • Cat and Tulips DF1817 Cat and Tulips
  • Singing Bird DF810 Singing Bird
  • Tabby Cat DF811 Tabby Cat

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