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Vintage Matchbox

Jane McDevitt's interest in matchbox labels lies primarily in the design but also the concept that these small images can communicate to a large number of people.

1950s and 60s Eastern European labels captivate her most as she finds the subject matter particularly fascinating. As with advertisers, governments were quick to realise the potential of these far reaching messages. Propaganda was popular but so too was public service announcements including fire safety, hygiene, money saving, alcohol abuse and road safety. This combination of subject and design has left behind an invaluable archive of its time.

  • Performer JM675 Performer
  • Performers with Pencils JM676 Performers with Pencils
  • Performers in Rainbow Colours JM677 Performers in Rainbow Colours
  • Dancer with Scarf JM678 Dancer with Scarf
  • Circus Performer JM679 Circus Performer
  • Dancing Performer JM680 Dancing Performer
  • Vintage Handbag JM681 Vintage Handbag
  • Pierrot Performer JM682 Pierrot Performer
  • Stripey Cat ZZ1839 Stripey Cat
  • Camel ZZ1840 Camel
  • Zebra JM821 Zebra
  • Fox JM1212 Fox

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